Challenging Racism: Continued
​          through Stories and Conversations

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A free discussion group for Challenging Racism alumni.

Arlington Public Schools has been sponsoring Challenge Racism: Learning How workshops for parents since 2004.  Through reading and conversation, workshop participants learn how to work effectively in cross-cultural situations and engage in difficult conversations related to race, second languages and other forms of bias.   

After taking the Challenge Racism: Learning How workshop, several group members wanted to keep learning and growing, and founded the Challenging Racism: Continued alumni group in 2013.  Challenging Racism alumni get together 4 times a year to practice our skills so we can stand against racism and prejudice.  Topics have included Talking to Kids About Race, The Black Lives Matter MovementRace and Political Conversations: Practice and Discussion and many more.

Are you an alumni of Challenging Racism?

Challenging Racism continues to grow supported by trained facilitators and a hardworking board of directors.  In 2016, we expanded Challenging Racism: Learning How conversations to reach new audiences, hosted local Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead facilitator training to increase capacity, and premiered Marty Swaim’s Challenging Racism curriculum and handbook (which has received positive reviews from participants). As we respond to frequent requests for conversations from a variety of groups (including parents, community members, religious communities, alumni, government non-profit and business organizations), we need your support to be able to say “Yes” more often when groups ask for help Challenging Racism.