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FAQ - Challenging Racism:Learning How

                 through Stories and Conversations

Do I need to be there all 11 times? Can I just drop in once in a while? Can I miss a few? Can I leave early/arrive late?

Attendance matters in the Challenging Racism: Learning How conversations. Participants are expected to attend all 11 sessions for the full 2 1/2 hours.

Participants need time to get to know the stories of the people in the group, to process all of the information and experiences provided, to make this all their own through conversation and stories, and to build listening skills and the skills to have difficult conversations about race. Our goal from the beginning to end is building a safe space for conversations on race, and to allow time for learning.  

The sessions are each tightly planned with new resources and skills practice. Any time missed means is a loss not only to you, but to the group.

What if I can't make it? 

Of course we know that unexpected things happen… children get sick and so on. But we want to see everyone regularly. When you apply, please check the dates for the 11 sessions. If you have any specific conflicts, please let us know when you apply (for example you know you will be gone on a trip a certain day).

Can I apply to more than one conversation?

Yes. Please check the calendar for each group before you apply.

If I miss a session at one location, can I make it up at another location?

No.  You cannot attend some sessions with a different group.  Although the curriculum is the same at all locations, the stories from the people in the room make each group unique. 

Is there homework?

After most sessions, there is preparatory work to do before the next session. Usually reading a few book chapters or an article, writing a paragraph, or something like that.  

What is the difference between the various locations?

The curriculum is the same at all locations. Applicants from the hosting school or organization generally receive preference for their applications.

Join Challenging Racism for free discussion groups on race for APS parents and community members. 

Americans are talking about race in a new way... but it is not always easy. Since 2004,  Challenging Racism:Learning How workshops have help Arlingtonians build concrete skills for engaging in challenging conversations related to race, second language and other forms of bias.. Through reading, stories, activities and conversation, participants learn to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. These conversations encourage a basic understanding of racism, institutional racism, White privilege, the roots of racism, and its modern manifestations around us, and how to challenging racism yourself wherever you find it.

Please check your calendar before you apply:  

Attendance matters in the Challenging Racism: Learning How conversations. Participants are expected to attend all 11 sessions for the full 2 1/2 hours.

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Challenging Racism: Learning How 

through Stories and Conversations is free. 

Participants are expected to attend all 11 sessions for the full 2 1/2 hours. 

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