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Discussion groups for community members.  One workshop series is scheduled to start January 2019 and we will have the application online soon.  Contact us to bring Challenging Racism: Learning How to your community organization.

Americans are talking about race in a new way... but it is not always easy. Through reading, stories, activities and conversation, participants learn to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. These conversations encourage a basic understanding of racism, institutional racism, White privilege, the roots of racism, and its modern manifestations around us. Each of the 11 sessions builds concrete skills of listening and practicing difficult conversations related to race, second language and other forms of bias.

90% of Challenging Racism alumni are “very likely” or “likely” to recommend the program to a friend. 

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A sample session agenda for Challenging Racism: Learning How 

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Bring Challenging Racism: Learning How to your community organization.

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Challenging Racism: Learning How
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