Your donation is now tax deductible.
Challenging Racism is close to getting our 501(c)3 status as a non-profit.  In the meantime, the Arlington Community Foundation is accepting donations on our behalf to allow your donation to be fully tax deductible.

Our goal is an Arlington community where we can talk about race in our homes, schools and workplaces, and thus interrupt racism. The Board is working on a 5-year plan to expand Challenging Racism and gain outside funding and grants for this expansion.

However, applying for grants can take months or even years.  We urgently need funding to continue our work. We lack money to continue training new facilitators and reaching more people with Challenging Racism’s unique method of using facts, stories and conversations to bring people together to understand racism and stand against it.  

Dollars help and so do contacts.  Do you know any local or family foundations, businesses or institutions who might have an interest in funding Challenging Racism’s work or partnering to use our conversations? Please send your suggestions.

Any support you can give is deeply appreciated.   

Marty Swaim and the Challenging Racism Board: 
Alicia Puente Cackley, Monique Brown, Nancy Brown, Michele Chang, Renee Gutshall, Tish Jenkins, and Leah Maderal

Donate Directly - Not Currently Tax Deductible

Send a check payable to Challenging Racism to:

Challenging Racism
2716 S Arlington Ridge Road
Arlington, VA, 22202

Donations are welcome using PayPal and this email address: or simply click the button below.  

Support Challenging Racism

We invite you to help Challenging Racism expand and provide conversations on race and racism in more places for more people. In the past four years, Challenging Racism has worked hard to train new facilitators to host more workshops that empower people to have difficult conversations and confront racism, and our bank account is running low. 

  • From 2004 to 2013, we held 1 conversation per year.  
  • This year, we are hosting 4 conversations and still have a waitlist of 50+ people. 
  • We hope to be able to host 7 conversations next year, and then 11 in 2019, increasing our outreach every year. 

Your gift of:    


  • $50 - Buys all materials for one Challenging Racism: Learning How participant
  • $100 - Pays the cost of three Challenging Racism: Learning How workbooks 
  • $800 - Buys all materials for one Challenging Racism: Learning How conversation
  • $3000 - Pays for a full scholarship for one new facilitator to attend the Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead training 
  • $11,000 - Pays for all facilitation costs for a full Challenging Racism: Learning How conversation

Any contribution is welcome, and your donation is tax deductible. 

You can make a donation directly to Challenging Racism, securely online.