July 2017 Facilitator Training

In July, Arlington parents and community members will have an opportunity to take quality facilitator training locally, right here in Arlington.  This training will prepare you to co-facilitate discussions on race, second language, immigration, the achievement gaps, institutional racism, and other issues related to race and privilege.  In Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead, we are building knowledge, skills and a supportive network of parents and community people who can talk about race themselves, and lead conversations with others.

Deeper Knowledge + Hands-On Practice

6 days of training: July 11-14 + July 17-18

8:30 am - 6:00 pm (meals included)

Scholarships Available

A foundation of the training is Results Based Facilitation (RBF), a nationally recognized facilitation training. Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead facilitator training includes RBF 101. RBF is a specific, hands-on method that enables people to practice the skills for getting different and better results in their meetings and conversations. The method is useful in one-on-one conversations, small groups, and large groups whether you are a meeting participant or meeting facilitator. 

We hope you will join us in the training. The training is appropriate for leading groups in discussions on any difficult subject. These skills will support you in your personal, professional and civic life.  We will also take a deeper look into systemic racism and be immersed in discourse to intensify learning about this and other key subjects.  

The interest in Arlington Public Schools (APS) parent workshops on race expands every year.  Even though APS funded three sessions for the first time, we had to put interested parents on waitlists this year for Challenge Racism: Learning How at Jefferson, H-B and Drew.  This year the conversations expanded outside of APS into the community for the first time - at Rock Spring UUC and Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families (APCYF). These conversations for Arlington parents and community members have been ongoing since 2004.  Without new facilitators, we won’t be able to support having more workshops where people learn how to talk about race and work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead
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