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In their own words....

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Recommended As...

"Challenging and inspiring"

​      "Life-changing




                            "Not as scary as it sounds;)"

My biggest takeaway from the class is...

"It provided me with the context and diction for things I was witnessing and experiencing, but not fully absorbing or comprehending."

​"There is no perfect conversation; the important thing is to keep talking.  I know that I should ask and answer questions until I understand what the other person means."

"People's behaviors are influenced by their experience and, in general, most people are trying their best with extremely varied types of exposure and experience.  The more we can open ourselves up to conversations with people who are "different" than we are, the better our chances of success in relationships, in school, in work and in the world."

"It is important to talk about race, about inclusion, about bridging gaps.  When we ignore race, we fail to see the big picture."

"Understanding that everyone has all sorts of sad and terrible experiences and if we don't accept them we shouldn't expect others to understand ours. Once we understand how to accept them we can then learn how to deal with them better."

"Everyone has a story to share, which deserves to be heard and appreciated."

"Invested in working to close the achievement gap." 

Last year George, parent of a Gunston 7th grader, took Challenging Racism: Learning How and here is what he said about the experience…. "I signed up for the Challenge Racism class because I wanted to talk more about race and privilege.  Our facilitators were world class professionals.  They knew the material and had years of experience facilitating discussions regarding race.  Our discussions were current, thought-provoking, and challenging.  Our facilitators modeled storytelling and active-listening and created a safe space for both.  Telling stories and listening to stories was a central part of each session.  Each participant seemed engaged, challenged, and stimulated by the conversation.  I highly recommend this course to any member of our community."