Webinar Agenda

Importance of Schools and Race and About Challenging Racism (5 min)

How to Support and Impact Educators (5 min)

How to Support and Impact Students (5 min)

How to Support and Impact with Parents & the Community (5 min)

What Next? (5 min)

Question & Answer (20 min)

Conversations about Race for Educators, Students, and Parents
Hosted by Challenging Racism through Stories and Conversations

Tuesday October 8, 2019

4:30-5:10 pm

Attendees can join in two ways: 

  1. Log-in by computer or handheld device to view online in Zoom; or 

  2. Dial-in by telephone 

Webinar Description

25 minute discussion and 20 minute Q&A

The education community plays a vital role in imparting skills and creating spaces that enable meaningful dialogue and empower future leaders.  Conflicts related to the injustices of race and racism are in the news every day, including within our schools, and it is evident that most Americans lack racial literacy and conversational practice. 

To foster diverse and inclusive learning environments, schools need to equip their faculty and students in these critical skills and engage the broader school community on race and racism.   

Join us on October 8th to learn why and how to impact these three parts of your education community:

  • Teachers and Administrators - Provide the skills to lead courageous and safe discussions about race in the classroom.
  • Students – Sensitize and cultivate Youth Leaders for social and racial equity actions. 
  • Parents – Involve and support skill building for parents to reinforce Diversity and Inclusion values at home.
  • At the conclusion of our virtual discussion, we will open the webinar to invite your questions and comments for the expert panel.


Our panel of experts includes our Executive Director, the Director of Curriculum Development, Challenging Racism Trained Facilitators, and an Educator and parent alumni.   

Register today.  We look forward to connecting with you on Tuesday, October 8th!

Educators Webinar

We invite Educators to reflect on the following questions:

Can your teachers confidently lead and navigate discussions about race in the classroom?

Are your students visibly grappling with issues of racism and its implications in current events? 

Is your parent community equipped to support the confident identity development of all children, including bi-racial children and children of color? 

Are your administrators prepared to confidently address racial conflicts that arise within the school community to a constructive outcome?  

Is your school community aware of its inherent responsibilities of raising children within a society of white privilege?

Do you need support, as an educational leader of your institution, in demonstrating and supporting your school’s commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion?

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